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Classic Dra'key

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Classic Dra'key

Regular price$49.99 Sale price

Make your mechanical keyboard yours by customizing it with our Dra'key artisan keycap! Dra'key is a cute lil' dragon made to replace your boring ol' keycaps. just kidding!

Dra'key is the perfect replacement for keys such as ESC, which allows for a comfortable and enjoyable click while still being able to view it's sexy side profile. Really though, pressing Dra'key is as satisfying as getting one tap ace's in Valorant. Doesn't that sound amazing?!

This particular Dra'key is the "Classic" colour-variant; orange/peach and black. Yes, that means we'll release different colour-variants in the future! Don't miss out!

Also, Dra'key is compatible with all MX style stems - don't you worry, enthusiast.

Only 47 Classic Dra'key's will be available upon launch. Get one before you cri all over your keeb. Just kidding, if Dra'key sounds like the artisan for you, go for it! Otherwise, we appreciate you checking out our product and hope you will like our future Dra'key variants and other artisans!

In your package, you will receive an authentication card, stickers, and Dra'key nestled in our wooden crate :)

Dra'key is made of 100% epoxy resin and coloured with resin dye. Fancy shmancy, eh?

Dra'key is quite the spikey boi with beauty marks (gashes) to accentuate its draconic nature.

On it's underside, a KeebCrate maker's mark is embossed to remind you of where Dra'key was born!


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